A landing site for Transition folk

Transition Ipswich in 2019 is a loose collective of people and projects working towards creating a low carbon future for the town. We hope you’ll use this site to find out what’s happening in Ipswich to make the town more environmentally sustainable.

Transition Towns are grassroots movements run by local people wanting to transition their economy away from one reliant on fossil fuels. They seek to change communities in a positive way, making them more resilient and connected. If you’re new to these ideas and would like to read about the movement, click here.

Transition Ipswich as an entity was active from around 2008 to 2013, during which time we had energy, transport, food and resilient livelihoods sub-groups. Many projects and initiatives were developed by people whose energy is now spent running those projects. These projects are building skilled and connected communities, whilst playing their part in making Ipswich a cleaner, greener and happier place to live for everyone.

We have noticed that many more new projects have popped up recently, which may not be linked into the Transition movement but are delivering Transition objectives in areas such as sustainable fashion, plastic waste prevention and community cohesion. We want people to know about these and have the opportunity to get involved.

Our Transition projects continue to develop even though we do not formally meet any longer, and this page seeks to raise awareness of these (and others’) projects. Transition continues, just not in the same organised way it has in the past.

This site was set up in memory of one of our most enthusiastic members, Steve Marsden, who died of cancer in 2017. During his life he put his heart and soul into Transition and was a constant advocate of sustainable living.

The slides of one of Steve’s presentations can be found here, which brilliantly encapsulates what Transition in Ipswich was – and still is – all about. We hope this page can keep Transition alive in a meaningful way, and continue to attract more people to its aims.

If you are interested in meeting likeminded Transition folk and want to get involved in some fantastic local projects, here’s the place to start so dive in! Check out our projects page to get started.